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Date: 1st November 2016
Shining ET Series Transparent Pigment DispersionShining P Series Pigment Dispersions
Shining ET Series Transparent Water-based Colorants?Shining ET Series are weak alkaline water-based pigment preparations,Website:http://www.nameicolor.com, made from organic or inorganic pigments, processing with advances production technology. They are water-based colorants developed specially for transparent?coatings industry. ? ?Features?Complete chromatography, bright color.?High gloss, good transparency.?Good fluidity, low foam.?Minimal particle and narrow distribution.?Anti-jelling, anti-sedimentation. ?Good light fastness and weather fastness. application????????????? Recommended used in transparent wood coatings, printing ink, aluminum foil coating, PVC ink and packaging ink.1.Chemical resistance?In?accordance with GB5211.6-85 test method of acid resistance, notating from grade 1-5 and grade 5 in the best. In?accordance with GB5211.7-85 test method of alkali resistance, notating from grade 1-5 and grade 5 in the best.2.Test method?ST 1/1 refers to the mass ratio of the pigments and titanium in the coating is 1:1; ST 1/25 refers to the quality ratio of the pigments and titanium pigments is 1:25.3.Light resistance?In?accordance with GB1710-79 test method of light resistance, notating from grade 1-8 and grade 8 is the best.4.Weather resistance?12 months,?notating from grade 1-5 and grade 5 is the best.The data fastness properties were determined with virgin pigment.Special Statement: Product is based on our current experience and technology. Since we don?t know our users??formulation, application filed and test condition, we can?t make a commitment to our users??final products. We strongly suggest our end users evaluating our product thoroughly before large scale production. The product quality is protected by the sales contract.