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Date: 1st November 2016
Shining E Series Pigment Dispresion Used For Water-based Coating
Pigment Dispersion Used For Building Coating ???Shining E Series are water-based pigment dispersions without resins,Website:http://www.nameicolor.com, which are based on nonionic, wetting and dispersing agent. We select good weather fastness iron oxide pigments and other polycyclic organic pigments like phthalocyanine, azo condensation, DPP, anthraquinone, quinacridone, etc , adopting advanced processing technology and strict craft controlling. ??Features?High pigment content, good color strength, good color development.?Free of heavy metals, APEO and other substances harmful to the environment.?No crust, good moisturing property.?No sedimentation, good stability.?Good fluidity, pumpable.?Good miscibility with most of paint system.Application Environmental protection coating for interior and exterior wall of buildings, other water-based system. Requirements to VOC, Shining E Series are optional.Product NameFull ShadeTinting ColorC.I.NoPigment Content %?Fineness